Boy Scouts of America, Snowports Merit Badge

Requirements: Each Scout must arrive with an approved “Application for Merit Badge" (Blue Card) signed by the applicant’s unit leader. Each Scout is responsible to make their reservation. Reservations should be obtained at least seven days in advance.

The merit badge process takes approximately two hours and a valid Homewood Mountain Resort lift ticket (all lifts) is required. The Scout Buddy System applies. Each Scout must be able to discuss and demonstrate their snowsports skills at the intermediate level for the appropriate discipline.

Appropriate training may be obtained through lessons offered at the Homewood Snowsports School. Completion of the Snowsports Merit Badge Workbook is recommended. Each Scout is required to read the current Snowsports Merit Badge pamphlet and be able to discuss and demonstrate all requirements.

Merit Badge testing is by reservation only.


For questions and more information, please contact Garry Cox (registered with Nevada Area Council, High Sierra District, Reno, Nev.), 530-412-1647,